fbots is one of the leading industries engaged in Automation. Its foundation was laid at Bharatnagar in Lucknow by young entrepreneur Amir Shabeeh Ahmed. Its sole aim is to provide the customer good quality innovative and affordable solutions leading to multifold rise in efficiency.

Initial years at fbots were spent in conducting eliteessaywriters.com thorough research and building adequate technical knowhow to catapault in high capital intensive manufacturing sector and presently chiefessays we have a full fletched production and assembly line at Bharatnagar https://jobitel.com . The workshop houses typical machines of which some are difficult to be seen anywhere else in Lucknow and many of them are self made. The work environment at fbots is very youthful and energetic which encourages our workforce to seek for out of box solutions.

Currently we are focussed on manufacturing CNC Routers and our product portfolio consists of following machines:

• CNC PCB Milling Router; fcarve mini

• CNC Woodworking Router; fcarve pro

• CNC Milling Trainer; fstark mini

• CNC Metalworking Machine; fstark pro

• CNC Foam working Machine; foam pro

Our uniqueness lies in enriching customer experience by providing them with solutions of higher grade at very competitive price with lifetime support for our products. In the long run we wish to embark on a journey where the customer experiences fbots` products with high ease and it will lay a benchmark for CNC machinery business in the world. We have also chosen Uttar Pradesh to lay our first production plant to set an example for other manufacturing enterprises to witness and harness the https://xjobs.org abundant scope of manufacturing sector in my home state. Currently we are achieving an increase in turnover growth of greater than 300% every year.

“Come and experience fbots with us†find out more or apply online with Paydaynow to get started.


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Why CNC?

Why fbots?