“Increase in Efficiency”

Many of our CNC competitors suggest that buying a CNC will increase efficiency, decrease lead time etc but they fail to provide a rough estimate to a first time user in layman terms.

An ordinary CNC running for 8 hours on simple designs with 1kw spindle and stepper motors can work almost equivalent to almost 4 semiskilled workers. And in the same way CNC`s cost can be recovered in few months when calculated very conservatively.

“Increase in Horizon”

Working on CNC will provide you an opportunity to work on new designs/methods which were simply unthinkable when done manually.

In short, CNC does not only mean “Computer numerically control”. It also means “Completing new challenges”

“Technologically updated”

Just as mobile phones has been a revolution for the last two decades. In the same way CNC`s are going to be a revolution for the present and next decade. Joining early in this race of CNC revolution will ensure that your industry/organisation/institute is amongst the leaders in your respective sector. To learn more about how you can finance your own BUisness in this sector Visit https://consolidationnow.com/