“Why CNCâ€

 “Increase in Efficiencyâ€

Many of our CNC competitors suggest that buying a CNC will increase efficiency, decrease lead time etc but they fail to provide a rough estimate to a first time user in layman terms.

An ordinary CNC running for 8 hours on simple designs with 1kw spindle and stepper motors can work almost equivalent to almost 4 semiskilled workers. And in the same way CNC`s cost can be recovered in few months when calculated very conservatively.

“Increase in Horizonâ€

Working on CNC will provide you an opportunity to work on new designs/methods which were simply unthinkable when done manually.

In short, CNC does not only mean “Computer numerically controlâ€. It also means “Completing new challengesâ€

“Technologically updatedâ€

Just as mobile phones has been a revolution for the last two decades. In the same way CNC`s are going to be a revolution for the present and next decade. Joining early in this race of CNC revolution will ensure that your industry/organisation/institute is amongst the leaders in your respective sector. To learn more about how you can finance your own BUisness in this sector Visit https://consolidationnow.com/

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