Why fbots”

Most experienced team making CNC for nearly every sector

fbots is not limited to a particular segment of CNC Machines. We are making machines for a vast variety of industries. Our experience also help us to meet head-on any new challenge and that has enabled us to design some machines which no one dared to make it possible. Our machines suits any industry whether it be hobby, prototyping, regular traditional production machines of highly sophisticated machines for remote sensing applications and heavy weight steel die making applications.
So if you have a project thats really challenging and you are wondering who can provide you effective solution, fbots is always at your service.

Self Designed CNC`s

All our CNC models are designed right from scratch and are passed for production after thorough testing.

“Makers and not traders”

We do not indulge in reselling of any CNC machines. All of our products are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in our fbots` factory.

Regular status update of confirmed orders

We provide regular status update for orders having greater than 30 days` lead-time.

“Lifetime troubleshooting assistance”

We are just a call away from our customers irrespective of whether the cnc is under warranty or not. Effective remote monitoring helps us to solve customer`s queries much faster and efficiently at customer’s place. This has many advantages. Customers know to feel how their machines run. Many of our customers have opened up the assemblies and complex action air heating repair mechanism even hefty looking circuits to fix regular maintenance issues under our remote guidance. This boosts their confidence and difficult things seems so easy to them. Another great advantage is it saves a lot of time for the customers. If the problem is still unsolvable, our experts will be mobilized to our client`s workplace.

“Minimised outsourcing”

We ensure that all manufacturing processes are conducted under our supervision thus effectively implementing ZERO compromise in quality. We have till now also maintained the reputation of ZERO OUTSOURCING.

“Our Team”

We conducted thorough research for three years & then ventured in the field of CNC manufacturing. It’s tough to find a team who can keep a customer as much technically satisfied as much as we can. We would suggest you to visit us personally if anytime you come nearby Lucknow, irrespective of whether you are buying our machines or not because we believe knowledge increases by mutual exchange of information and even we get to know some great ideas which would have been unthinkable for us without sharing. For more information on how you can finance your purchases visit https://www.paydaychampion.com/